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Welcome to dgt

We are a technology-powered and creativity-driven experiential agency that extends a three-tier solution of distinguished design, authentic analytics and acclaimed automation.

~ Technology-powered creativity for accelerated brand success!
~ Because an enduring experience matters


dgt offers a range of digital experiential designing, analytics and automation services.With an exclusive expertise across all the experiential verticals like Service Design, Experience Design, Marketing Communications and Implementation, dgt offers services that aim to perfectly optimize the digital experience of your brand in sync with your unique customer requirements.We offer digital experiential services as a package or as a subset. dgt partners with White Thoughts and Branding, a pioneer in branding and communication to deliver other competitive capabilities that our clients would require from time to time.

Strategy Consulting

We equip our clients with proven strategies that help in easy identification of distinguished opportunities, which will effectively allow them to make the best out of the digital promise. This will facilitate new means to reach out and positively influence their customers.

At dgt we believe that the ever changing customer requirements can be sufficiently met only by creating and implementing strategies that are backed by customer insights. Testing and learning as a method to improvise and impart the best results for our client has always been a priority.

We excel in creating exponential

  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • E-commerce strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Digital identity


With the brilliance and aptitude for designing, coupled with clever implementation strategy, designing becomes an offshoot for us. Implementation to us is more than just an extension to design or a mere afterthought. We see it as means of expressing our design through technology with pervasive analytics embedded in the technical implementation.

We as a custom web development servicescompany have the knowledge on connected digital interfaces that enable customers to communicate with brands in natural and intuitive ways.

dgt houses best implementation teams that possess the potential to

  • Prototype
  • Produce
  • Test
  • Deploy
  • Operate
  • Optimize digital properties

Our team members diligently work towards creating a rich user experience design where prototyping, development and social channel implementation go hand-in-hand, paving a path to implementation success

Experiential Design

Your early experiences will shape the life and define the brand. By creating thoughtful solutions, we intend to bring your brand in a shape that will capture and entice the customers. Our design team members are experts at leveraging technology that facilitates consistent and inimitable brand experience for customers, irrespective of them choosing either digital or offline channels to engage with the brand.

With a motto to deliver quintessential experiences to clientele, we include all the relative collaterals like

  • User experience
  • Interaction Design
  • Website design
  • Mobile applications
  • Physical and offline experiences
  • Offline branding
  • Collateral development

Using efficient and reliable social media management software and social media marketing software, we design exciting experiences for customers of products and services offered by brands across multiple devices and environments.

Although these experiences are created for the digital arena as a part of social network marketing, they often trespass for good, into the real world, making way to exhilarating physical interactions.

Lead & Marketing OPS

Being a company that has worked on an array of web application technologies with sound knowledge on latest web development technologies, we at dgt believe that Marketing Operations are not just about creating impressions but it is an essential part of the experience as a whole.

Although driving traffic is an important aspect, kick-starting an interaction as a result of an experience that goes on to live on the social networks, search engines or even physical interactions. dgt offers micro-services oriented, AI powered, cloud based services that are best optimized to implement our strategy. We are steadily expanding repertoire of these AI powered and analytics embedded marketing operations services.

Our embedded marketing services are inclusive of

  • Email marketing
  • Hyper local marketing
  • Responsive websites that have embedded analytics
  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Persona driven landing pages for marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Lead scoring for targeted marketing campaigns


Analytics should be pervasive yet modest, playing the role of a good friend who always keeps an eye on you and only steps in at the need of the hour, giving the right feedback that helps you course correct or double down on where you are doing well.

Our promise to our clientele is to hold the analytics mirror not just to them but also to ourselves, so we always genuinely speak the truth and provide them with most accurate analytics data.

We offer optimized analytics services like

  • Social media analytics
  • Email analytics
  • Lead generation and scoring analytics
  • Integrated analytics dashboard

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We love challenges. Anything that challenges us is where our passion lies. We are extremely ambitious with a desire-driven vision to perform better and stand out as a pioneer in the experiential designing arena. As a digital experience design agency, we focus more on customer insights and fulfilling their requirements. Customer satisfaction is the greatest gratification for us. So far, we are glad for touching lives of many in ways beyond business. Want to know how we can help in your business transformation?  Contact us today!