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Design - Analytics - Automation

dgt is a quintessential customer experience design agency that smartly blends technology with creativity to provide a quality-rich digital experience for customers of various brands across multiple channels. While focusing primarily on delivering customer-centric design solutions, dgt, as the most trusted experiential agency, leverages the power of artificial intelligence and analytics to constantly optimize and deliver unmatchable customer experiences.

We are a technology-powered and creativity-driven experiential agency that extends a three-tier solution of distinguished design, authentic analytics and acclaimed automation. We help businesses in interrogating their social analytics and in analyzing their brand’s social status and performance. dgt uses data analytics tools to perform an overall social network data analysis inclusive of Facebook data analytics and Twitter data analytics to generate an authentic statistical data analysis report.

Based on this social network data analysis report, we intend to create an effective digital media strategy that is specific to each client, while ensuring guaranteed value appreciation of their brand image. Alongside creating effective strategies, dgt’s aptitude also lies in Data Automation, Social media Automation, Digital Media Automation, Facebook marketing automation and Social marketing automation which play a crucial role in brand success. Associate with dgt and discover how technology-powered-creativity can energize and accelerate your brand success!