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It’s so interesting how some terms instantly create a path way straight into the business vocabulary, finding apt roles. While some end up impacting the structure of the business, stimulating change, others just stay like some complex phenomena, yet constantly churning better results. One of them is “Analytics.” So where does “analytics” stand? Although it is a commonly heard word in today’s digital era, here is something you might probably be unaware of analytics. “Digital marketing analytics” has made a mass stage entry. It adequately helps in determining and understanding the comprehensive view of which strategy works in sync with your marketing plan and which doesn’t. Read on to know more.

An overview

‘Analytics’ works like a magic. It is the interpretation, discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. To simplify, many organisations apply this to predict, improve and enhance their business performance. It lets one understand the marketing. Each of the marketing initiatives are stacked up, like Facebook, Twitter etc. and determine the present status in the process of achieving their business target.

Impact of analytics on digital marketing

  • People analytics: The primary help here is to manage human resources. So, it assists you in identifying people with an aptitude for the job, so you can hire them. Likewise, it also helps you taking decisions pertaining to promotions and rewards reprimands. Basically it identifies, assists in and analyses all human resource related tasks.
  • Integrating platforms: So how useful is it when your individual marketing platforms like emails, blogs, social networking sites etc. all tell you how much and to what extent you are performing? Well, the true power of analytics comes here, when it integrates all these platforms to tell you exactly the performance of each coupled with which has more reach, your blog or email?
  • Future centric: So you have just published a note on Facebook. Did they read your post? How did they get converted to your lead? Via the post or email? How did they first stumble upon your website? A digital marketing analytics can answer all this. This is particularly when you have to design your future campaigns and ads. One of the key difference between web analytics and digital analytics is precisely this, digital analytics is more people centred.
  • Tracking SEO: By way of creating technical activities that define, collect, create and verify digital data into optimisations, predictions and automations, digital analytics includes the SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, wherein the keyword of what was searched is tracked and that data is used for marketing purpose.

While much of its job is facilitation, here is how it will impact your business.

  • Optimize the performance: the true power of analytics is its ability to optimize marketing performance. This could be both individual basis and cross channel machine.
  • Facilitates closed loop data: So how effective would it be if you could tie all your marketing activities to sales? So you write a good blog or send out a convincing email. Sure you would have generated your lead. But are they turning into your customers and are you making money? The closed loop data will help you figure out if the marketing initiatives taken by you are actually good enough to contribute for your business growth. Therefore it becomes easy to analyse which platform will enable you to drive sales, the blog or twitter.
  • Tells you what is important: today, marketing goes well beyond the website. So what happens between the marketing channels and the person sitting on the other side will determine your growth. It will give you an insight into your marketing, by exactly telling you whether leads become customers. They do this by measuring traffic, leads and sales, all of which are business metrics. So digital analytics not only focuses on data from your website, but also data from other platforms like social media, blogs and emails.

Digital analytics have the power to change all your business figures instantly by enabling you to move towards your business goal at an accelerated speed. Therefore, alongside focussing on the top-level web analytics, you must give some space and time for digital analytics, for it is sure to uplift your experience!