Dgt Talks


Design - Analytics - Automation

Experiential Design

  • Experiential websites with best-in-class design services
  • Integrated hosting, built on AWS with automation that scales your website seamlessly as your business grows
  • Leverages AWS’s Cloudfront technology to deliver lowest possible latency
  • Built in AWS security features with optional upgrade to ‘ Bullet Proof’ security
  • Enterprise bundle available – Contact sales@dgt.ai

Landing Pages

  • Well crafted landing pages that resonate with different customer personas
  • Same campaign but different landing pages for different buyer personas – No one size fits all approach
  • Persona level campaign metrics for ROI analysis
  • Enterprise bundle – First 5 landing pages free


  • Email campaigns designed using experiential design principles
  • Best-in-class email marketing technology that guarantees email delivery while not burning a hole in your pocket
  • Integrated analytics that contextualizes your campaigns to measure ROI
  • Enterprise Bundle – First 100 emails free


  • Personalised, dynamic and web based analytics that you can access any time
  • Integrated analytics across Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
  • Customised dynamic social media reports as per your business needs and real-time campaign measurement
  • Enterprise Bundle – Life time free integrated analytics report -Customised reports charged per report basis


  • Voice and non-voice base chatbots that are designed to integrate with your digital properties
  • Built-in industry specific intelligence powered by AWS’s AI technology that keeps pace with your business growth
  • Enterprise bundle – Free trail for one week to try out for free